“CTA” is an acronym for Call To Action, and generally refers to buttons that are inciting a visitor to take a particular action. The vast… Read More »CTA


“WYSIWYG” is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get and refers to conversion rate optimisation tools that utilise a visual editor to… Read More »WYSIWYG


QA is an acronym for “Quality Assurance”. In web development, this term is broadly applied to the tests and checks that should occur before any new… Read More »QA

AB Test

An AB Test is a test between an existing page or element, and a new design or variation. Traffic is generally split equally, with half… Read More »AB Test

Statistical significance

Statistical significance applies to the mathematical calculation to ascertain whether the results seen during the testing period are likely to continue beyond that period.


‘Uplift’ is the performance of a test variant against the test control (or ‘original version’) for a particular metric and is usually represented as a percentage… Read More »Uplift