3 Reasons Why CRO Will Always Exist

“Why CRO will always exist” is a statement I would make to any any optimisation-related job interviewee. And then I’d ask them to give me some reasons why that statement was true! Unlike last week’s post on essential skills, it wouldn’t be a means of judging a CROer’s ability per se, but rather to see if they understood the “why” of CRO as a career choice as opposed to just the “what”.

So what would my answers be, if faced with that very same question? And what would yours be?


1. We live in a transactional society

And CRO is all about transactions. Humans have to transact with one another in order to survive, whatever form that transaction takes. The word “transaction” merely represents an exchange of something one party has for something the other party wants and within that exchange, there will be a way of optimising the performance of that transaction for both parties.


2. We all work with “conversion rates”

From choosing which parent to ask if you can stay out late with your friends, to select the best moment to tell your wife that you’ll be away on business for the next month, we all attempt to select the most opportune method to maximise our chances of success. And if an approach proved erroneous on a previous occasion, we attempt an alternative the next time.

So in reality, we are all students of conversion rate optimisation and have been all our lives.


3. Because it’s always been around

The coining of the phrase “CRO” may have been a fairly recent thing but looking to make improvements in what we do as people has always been around. Yes we may now have termed failure as “negative uplift” and success as the “optimal experience” but in reality we’ve just found new ways of improving the new technologies that we now transact through.


So perhaps the next time you are interviewing someone for a CRO role, you might stop to think about asking them why CRO will always exist and see what their response is; might give you a better insight into their intellect than which CRO platforms they’ve used or analytics  providers that they worked with.

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